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Apartment Building

Multifamily Loans

Webb Capital Advisors has the experience structuring and placing multifamily loans across the country. We offer a full suite of products for every investment strategy—from simple bridge, rehab, and long-term stabilized loans to the most complex structured finance solutions.

Value Add Bridge  Loans for investors buying distressed multifamily properties that need capital expenditures and rent increases to stabilize and bring value to current market standards.

Stabilized Bridge   For turn-key tenant properties that need seasoning and/or further tenancy before long term takeout.

Long Term Hold Financing for investors looking to hold and cash out their stabilized multifamily property for the long term.

  • Up to 85% LTC, 70% LTV

  • Loans up to $20mill

  • 24-36 month Interest Only Terms

  • Low or no cash flow is ok

  • Non-recourse available

  • Financing for Freddie, Fannie, or bank fallout deals

  • Low in-place DSCR requirements

  • All market sizes

  • Amortized and interest-only options

  • Low seasoning requirements

  • As low as 80% occupancy

  • Out-of-state owners and foreign nationals

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